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Describe the autonomic nervous system
Describe the thyroid gland
Describe the ventricles of the heart
Enumerate different parts of female reproductive system. Describe the uterus in details
Enumerate the different parts of alimentary system. Describe the stomach in details
Describe the hip joint in detail
Name the parts of the digestive system. Describe the duodenum in detail
Describe the blood supply of the heart
Describe the liver in detail and its histology
Name the salivary glands, where do they open and describe the parotid gland in detail
Classify the bones with examples, and microstructure. Give detailed account of humerus
Name the different parts of central nervous system. Describe the cerebellum in details
Enumerate the different parts of male reproductive system. Describe the testis in details
Name the parts of the respiratory system. Describe the right lung in detail
Describe the pituitary gland and its function
Enumerate endocrine glands with their location. Four examples of exocrine glands. Differences between endocrine and exocrine glands
Enumerate the different parts of excretory system with neat diagram. Describe the kidney in details.
Enumerate the parts of urinary system. Describe the gross anatomy of urinary bladder



Islets of langerhans
Ectopic pregnancy
Classify the connective tissue
Name the components of nerve tissue. Describe the nerve cells
Deltoid muscle
Pituitary gland
Ventricles of the brain
Thyroid gland
Nasal cavity
Structure of the ovary
Gluteus maximus muscle
Femoral artery
Upper end of humerus
Cerebrospinal fluid
Parts of large intestine and differences from small intestine
Femoral nerve
Fallopian tube
Typical spinal nerve its formation and distribution
The medulla oblongata
The peritoneum and its functions
Innominate bone
Thoracic duct
Supports of uterus
Microscopic structure of duodenum
Vermiform appendix
Veins of the heart
Transverse section of thoracic part of the spinal cord
Structure of thick skin
Lymphoid tissue
Intercostals muscles
Suprarenal glands
Shoulder joint
Lymph node
Broncho pulmonary segments


Name the ligaments that hold the uterus to its normal position
Name any two exocrine glands
What is pelvimetry
Nissi bodies
Given the origin and termination of the thoracic duct
Name the organelles of the cell
Name any 4 muscles of the back
Name the branches of femoral nerve
What is retinaculum? Give its function
Pisiform bone
Structures passing through the hilum of kidney
Name the cranial nerves
Give the branches of abdominal aorta
Name the bones of upper limb
What are the features of a typical rib? Name the atypical rib
Draw a labeled diagram of the parts of nephron
Name the bones forming skeleton of the hand
Name the cranial nerves supplying the eye ball
Name the layers of pericardium and its function
Name the types of muscle tissue and their microscopic differences
Name the bones forming the elbow joint and the movements possible
What are intercostals arteries? How many are there and what are they branches of?
Give some important functions of the skin
Name two functions of the liver
Great saphenous vein
Name the carpal bones
Name the openings in the diaphragm
Parts of thyroid gland
Name the ventricles of the brain
Name two muscles present in the forearm
Name the parts of the vertebra
Where are the islet of langerhans found and give their functions
Name the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall
What are fontanelle and where are they found
Give the attachments of biceps branchii and its nerve supply
What is radial artery a branch of? Give its clinical importance
Name the bones forming the wrist joint
Name the important lymphatic tissues of the body and their functions
Give the total number of ribs and name the parts of a typical rib
Structure of trachea
Name the lower limb bones
Ligaments of uterus
Quadriceps femoris
Name the layers of large sized artery
Sublingual gland
Otic ganglion
Wharton’s jelly
Name the hamstring muscles
Thoracic duct
Ductus deferens
Name the parts of fallopian tube
Name the cranial nerves in order
Name the functions of thalamus
Name the features of a vertebra
Apex beat
Name the types of cartilages
Name the ligaments of knee joints
What are the contents of the middle ear
Name the bones forming thoracic cage
Sciatic nerve
Name the structures related posterior to the stomach
What is the nerve supply of parietal pleura
Name the branches of external carotid artery
Name the salivary glands
Parts of epididymis
Histology of large artery
Name four structures of root of lung
Name four parts of pancreas
Classification of tissues
Name four muscles of abdomen
Name organs of lower respiratory tract
Name the arteries supplying the stomach
Name the meninges of brain
Various position of vermiform appendix
Name four parts of small intestine
Hip joints
Name four lobes of cerebrum
Name the skull bones
Name the fibrous joints
Name three extrinsic muscle of tongue
Lymphatic drainage of breast