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Nurses are most important drive force in Health Care Industry around the world. Most nurses have dream to immigrate to several countries to exploit the advantages of conditions found in western world. For instance, Most Nurses are willing to migrate to Canada for nursing jobs and try to get Permanent Residence of Canada. Why Canada been chosen for relocation for most nurses around the world? Main reason is Canada has huge respect for nurses than any country in the world. Secondly, high demand for nurses in Canada. Canadian Nurses Association has estimated that more than 1,00,000 nurses needed by 2022 to fill labor shortages because urban and rural areas of Canada has more shortages of nurses.


About Canada and its Immigration policies

 Canada is the country with more provinces and each provinces has different laws. Most nurses prefer to move to Quebec Province because the conditions and law are more suitable for immigration for nurse jobs and Permanent Residence. Quebec Province has Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) Program that suits for nurses to get quick and easy immigration. QSW program works by points system and points are assessed or calculated based on your assessment of education/area of training, age and experience. Express Entry is the program for Professionals and skilled workers to entry into Canada for work and Permanent Residence. Quebec is the only province give more points for nurses for their education/area of training (16 points). If nurses  get more points, chance for immigration to Canada is very good.

Nurses can Choose Two ways to Immigrate to Canada.

1. Get Permanent Residence To Canada and work in Canada.

2. Get valid Job offer and work permit to seek temporary residency in Canada.

Quebec Province Nurse Salary Scale

In Quebec, nurses can get average salary of about 50,000 to 60,000 dollars per year and if nurses do overtime and other benefits, they can earn around 3,20,000 dollars per year. If Nurse works in Management Level, they can earn around 1,10,000 dollars per year. This salary scale is very good and can save as much as money for future.

Procedure to Move to Quebec Province

1. Apply for QSW Program

2. Successful Applicant receives Canadian Permanent Residence

3. After Permanent Residence and arrival to Canada, Canadian Constitution grants all permanent Residence and Citizens to have right to work and live any part of Canadian Provinces or territories.

4. To work in Canada, Nurses need to be registered as nurse (RN) in particular province where nurse going to work.

5. To be Registered Nurse in Canada, Nurses need to take CRNE Exam to eligible to work in particular provinces.

Registered Nurse can work as

1. Nurse Practitioners

2. Nurse Researchers

3. Specialized Nurse

4. Nurse Instructors

5. Psychiatric Nurses

6. Nurse Technicians


Temporary Residency In Canada

Nurses need to get valid job offer and seek work permit to get temporary Residency In Canada. After years of work as temporary basis, options are available for nurses to seek Permanent Residence of Canada.

Permanent Residence In Canada

To get Permanent Residence especially in Quebec Province, QSW Points based program is available to seek PR in Canada. Once nurses earn passing mark, they are eligible or qualify for Quebec Selection Certificate and finally nurses get Permanent Residence.


To Work as Nurse in Canada

To work as Nurse in Canada, Nurses need to qualified to practice as Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed/Registered Practical Nurse (LPN/RPN). To get register, nurse need to apply for RN with Canadian Nurses Association (CAN) or Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR).


For Registration for LPN/RPN

1. Education credentials should be assessed to find that nurses degree is equivalent to nursing education programs in Canada.

2. First nurse need to apply to the nursing regulatory body of the province or territory where they wish to work.

3. Canadian Provinces or territories require nurse to write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) for registration and licensure process. Quebec Province have separate examination to give registration and license to work.

4. After successful examination, the candidates are eligible to work as a nurse in Canada.

To register in particular province or territories, use this URL FOR APPLICANTS. 

British Columbia

 Registered Nurse

 Licensed Practical Nurse


 Both Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse


 Registered Nurse

 Licensed Practical Nurse



 Registered Nurse

 Licensed Practical Nurse


 Registered Nurse

 Licensed Practical Nurse


Registered Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse


Northwest Territories and Nunavat

 Registered Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse


Nova Scotia

 Registered Nurse

 Licensed Practical Nurse

Price Edward Island

Registered Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse

Newfoundland and Labrador

 Registered Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse


New Brunswick


Registered Nurse

 Licensed Practical Nurse


Registered Nurse

 Licensed Practical Nurse


Plan to move to Quebec Province of Canada.

Prepare for CRNE Exam for Registered Nurse In Canada.



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 How to Immigrate to Canada for Nurse Jobs and Get Permanent Residence of Canada.