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1. a. Define Nursing

b. list the characteristics of a profession

c. what are the functions of nurse

2. a. Define Nursing process

    b. list the steps of nursing process

    c. explain any two steps with examples

3. Explain communication. Explain the importance of communication in nursing. What are the essentials of good communication?

4. a. Define wound

    b. how do you classify wounds

    c. explain the wound healing process

5. Explain the nursing responsibilities in oxygen administration

6. Explain the basic needs of a human being

7. Explain the process of health assessment including health history and physical examination

8. a. Define medicine.

    b. list down the different routes of medicine administration

   c. briefly explain the principles of medication administration

9. a. what are the signs of approaching death

b. discuss nursing care of a dying patient

10.  a. Define infection

         b. Explain how you will prevent occurrence of nosocomial infection in your ward

11. a. Define hospital

       b. list the types and functions of hospital

     c. explain the levels of disease prevention

12. Define pulse; list the sites for taking pulse. Explain the characteristics of a pulse in detail

13. Write the factors affecting body temperature. Explain the nursing management of a patient with hyperpyrexia.

14. a. writes the factors influencing health. b. write the impact of illness on the client family

15. a. defines stress. b. enumerate factors influencing stress along with stress adaptation models

16. a. what are vital signs? Explain any one and their physiology and regulation, technique, important points to be remembered and factors affecting.



alterations of fluid and electrolyte balance
blood transfusion
chain of infection transmission
hospital acquired infection
types of hospital waste
5 right of medicine administration
Storage and maintenance of drugs
Routes of injections
Preparation of patients for surgery
Steam inhalation
Peplau’s theory
Health of belief model
Care of dead body
Care of unconscious patient
Health illness continuum
Types of bandages and its uses
Hand washing
Comfort devices
Nurses responsibility in oxygen administration
Intake output chart
Principles of record keeping
Admission procedure
Barriers to effective communication
Nursing management of pain
Factors affecting sleep
Nursing care plan
Types of enemas
Chest drainage
Principles of body mechanism
Nursing diagnosis
Indications of R T feeds
Postural drainage
Composition of normal urine
Care of rubber goods
Difference between medical and nursing diagnosis
Principles of bed making
ROM exercises
Role of nurse in discharge of a patient
Write the purposes and methods of physical examination
Explain the role of nurse in collection and transportation of 24 hours urine specimen
Write the complications of blood transfusion
List the cause and common sites of Decubitus ulcer
Explain the principles of skin care
What are the characteristics of normal pulse
Qualities of a nurse
Levels of health care
Complications of neglected oral hygiene
Phases of helping relationship
Nursing care of a patient with breathing difficulty
Factors affecting bowel elimination
Nursing responsibilities in blood transfusion
Explain the principles in writing records and reports
Write the principles involved in wound care
How do you maintain therapeutic nurse-patient relationship?
Explain nurses responsibility in insertion of nasogastric tube
Cold applications
Positions used in nursing
Characteristics and factor affecting respiration
Preparation of patient and unit for physical exam
Disposables and reusables
Activities of daily living
Explain ICN code of ethics
Development of Nursing Education in India
Write about Nursing audit
Explain about Team Nursing
Write the types and principles of bandaging
Write the purposes and principles in Naso-gastric tube feeding
Explain the importance of nursing theories in care of a patient
Care of patient having alteration in urinary incontinence
List the types, nature and factors influencing pain
Explain the role of a nurse in infection control
Importance of maintaining body alignment


Wound dressing
Recovery unit
Urinary retention
Signs of clinical health
Care of dying patient
Surgical asepsis
Health care team
Nursing ethics
Patient referrals
Patients rights
Complication of oxygen administration
ROM excercises
Characteristics of B.P
Cross infection
Care of rubber goods
Intradermal injection
Knee chest position
Medication error
Types of admission
Waste disposal
Total parentral nutrition
Pulse pressure
Sim’s position
Florence nightingale
Definition of nursing
Nosocomial infection
Bladder irrigation
What is insomnia
List the indications Fowler’s position
Define health
List the causes of retention of urine
Define fever. List the types of fever
What is hyperkalemia?
Define anaemia
What is gangrene
Define apnoea
What is postural drainage
Define Sitz bath
Meaning of isolation
Complications of wound healing
Purpose of history collection
Functions of a hospital
Complications of neglected mouth
Care of patient with pyrexia
Purposes of personal hygiene
Bed cradles
List techniques of barrier nursing
Contraindications for monitoring oral temperature
Non verbal communication techniques
Vital signs
Stages of rigor complications of intravenous infusion
Any four nursing measures to induce sleep
List the range of motion exercises
Mention four hazards of immobility
List the routes of parenteral therapies
Assessment of pain
Types of hospital waste
Rights of medication
Disinfection and sterilization
Purposes of hand washing
Define Apnea
List the purposes of cardiac bed
Use of intake and output chart
List the basic needs of a patient
List the types of beds
List any four therapeutic positions
Types of equipments in a hospital with example
Methods of health assessment
Any four importance of documentation
List the elements of communication