Nursing Foundation Question P.C. NURSING

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 P.C. BSc First Year Nursing Foundation  Important Question – INC SYLLABUS. 2024 


Define nursing process. explain the five steps of nursing process c. discuss on planning step of nursing process
Define stress. enumerate factors influencing stress along with stress adaptation models
Discuss the importance of theories in nursing practice. Explain in detail Florence nightingale
Discuss the trends influencing nursing practice
Define  primary health care. Discuss in detail the concept of primary health care
Explain the role of council and professional bodies in maintenance of standards in nursing
Discuss in detail the bio medical waste management
Describe the  concept of health  and illness
Define evaluation. explain the process of evaluation in depth
 Explain the needs and problems of old age and role of nurse based on nursing process approach
 Explain in detail about professional organizations with suitable examples
 Define primary health care and explain family oriented nursing care concept
  Define quality assurance and discuss the role of  council and professional bodies in maintenance of standards
 Define developmental concept and explain the needs and problems of the  developmental stages of old age
 Define nursing ethics.  explain ethical aspects of nursing profession
 Define quality assurance and discuss briefly about nursing audit
  Define nursing and describe the development of nursing education in India
 Write in detail about the expanded role of nurse
 Explain the role of professional bodies in maintain nursing care standards
 Explain the importance of nursing process. Discuss in detail the planning phase
 Explain the role of theories in nursing practice. Discuss the metaparadigm of nursing
 Explain the expanded role of the nurse
 Explain the trends influencing nursing practice





Explain ICN code of ethics
Development of nursing education in India
Write about nursing audit
Explain about team nursing
Problem oriented nursing
Assessment phase of nursing process
Problems of old age
Total quality management
Community oriented nursing
Holistic nursing
Developmental mile stone of toddler
Professional  conduct of nurses
Problem oriented nursing
Total quality management
 Development concept of pre adolescent
 Ethical issues in nursing
 Levels of prevention
 Describe defense mechanisms with suitable examples
 Trained nurses association of India
 Stress and adaptation
 Primary nursing
Principles of growth and development
 Formulate philosophy of nursing
  Care of solid wastes
  Tools of evaluation
 Importance of reports and records
  Holistic nursing care
 Types of care plan
  Management of solid waste
 Problems associated with toddler
 Explain the methods and tools of assessment
 Family oriented nursing concept
 Techniques for planning care
 Describe the expanded role of nurse
 Enumerate the development tasks of adulthood
  Explain the method of segregation of waste in a surgical ward
 General adaptation syndrome
 ICN code of ethics
 Problems of an adolescent
 Concepts of health and illness
 Ethical and legal issues in nursing
 Developmental stages of individual



Disposal of sharps
Define nursing
What are the factors influencing health
List the problems of old age
Qualities of professional nurse
Nursing care plan
Tools of evaluation
Intensive care unit
Define profession
 Progressive patient care
 Solid waste
 Reflex of a newborn
Definition of health
 Definition of evaluation
Career planning
 Responsibilities of a graduate nurse
Definition of nursing diagnosis
 Quality assurance
 Community oriented nursing
 Illness wellness continuum
 Define Stress and adaptation
 Rating scale
  Nursing diagnosis
 Functions of professional nurse
 Meta paradigm of nursing
 Initiative vs Guilt
 Medical diagnosis and nursing diagnosis
 Nurse clinician
 Functions of professional nurse
 Define problem
 Holistic nursing
 Meta – paradigm
 Nursing council
 Advantages of nursing process
 Problems of old age
 Purposes of physical assessment
 Types of hospital waste
 Define profession
  Define stress
 List four importance of nursing audit
 List four tools used for assessment of a patient
 Define ethics
 List any four tools of evaluation
 Define nursing
 Disposal of sharps
 Role of INC
 Nursing standards
 Professional bodies