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“Perfect tools are essential to validate perfect Performance”

The majority of surgical instruments are made up of stainless steel through some instruments are made up of titanium or vitallium and cobalt base alloy.

Stainless steel instruments are mostly common used stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium and carbon. It may also contain nickel or manganese to add the tensile strength and also to prevent corrosion. Carbon component of the stainless steel gives the hardness. Chromium makes the stainless steel resistance or avoids corrosion.

Instruments must be used for the purpose they are intended for. Also, necessary care should be taken before and after they use of the instruments as per the direction of their manufacturers. Instruments are classified according to their function of use.

Bard Parker Handle and Blade:


1. BP handle can be used for opening the skin and to cut the fascia or to opening the peritoneum by changing the blades then and there.
2. The round proximal end of the BP handle may be used to direct the muscle on the abdomen after cutting the fascia over it.
3. Handling the BP handle and blades may be in the dinner knife, position or in fiddle low position while putting the incision.

Bard Parker Blade:

BP blades also vary in size and shape. The blades usually have curved cutting edge.

Different size of blades is:

No. 10. – It fits on BP handle no. 3,7 and 9. It is most commonly used.
No.11. – Blade has a straight cutting edge.
No.12. – Blade has a hook like shape with the cutting edge on the inner curvature.
No.13. – Blade edge has a smaller and shorter curved edge on the inner curvature.
No.20. – It has a shape like no.10 but it is bigger in size.



1. Knife is usually with a brass handle. Its sharp edge runs along one side till the tip.
2. Knife is used for cutting or dissecting skin and tissues.
3. There is a special knife called Humby’s or Blair’s knife. These knives are specially designated for obtaining skin draft.



This is a sharp instruments used for incising skin, fascia, muscle and various tissues.


1. Straight mayo scissors
2. Curved mayo scissors
3. Episiotomy scissors
4. Suture cutting scissors


1. Scissors can be used for blunt or sharp dissection
2. Cutting the tissues in various structures.
3. For cutting the ligatures and sutures.
4. Gauze or bandage scissors are used only for cutting the gauze or bandage is required size and length.
5. Straight or pointed curved scissors are used for removing the sutures of the incisions.
6. Curved on flat scissors used to cut the ligatures or other sutures material during operations by the assistant surgeon or scribbed nurse.
7. Straight or curved mayo scissors which are very smooth at the ends used to cut the tissue and internal organs so that adjacent tissues are protected while use.