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Define malnutritional. Describe the signs and symptoms of malnutritional. Discuss in detail the nutritional management of a toddler with malnutritional

Discuss the methods of assessing nutritional status of a community
Explain briefly on current nutritional programmes in operation
Define nutrition. Explain the various methods of assessing nutritional status of individual and community

Define weaning. Discuss the points to be remembered while weaning. Prepare a weaning schedule

Define diet therapy. Describe the therapeutic diet in renal disorders. Plan a therapeutic diet for a 60 year old lady admitted in the hospital with chronic renal failure.

Explain the need the community nutrition programs. Discuss the methods of assessing nutritional status of individuals and groups in the community

Discuss food hygiene. Explain the important method of food hygiene

Define balanced diet. What factors do you consider while planning and plan a one day menu for a pregnant women

Explain the nutritional problems in India. Discuss the nutritional programmes in detail

Define malnutrition. List the causes for malnutrition. Explain the methods to be followed for prevention of malnutrition

Discuss the nutritional problems and explain the current national nutrition programmes
Define balanced diet. Explain the components of balanced diet

Discuss the importance of breast feeding. Explain the role of nurse in promoting and implementing BFHT policy in a hospital/community setting

What are vitamins. Explain the sources, functions and deficiency of vit B complex.

Explain in detail the method of cooking keeping in mind the preservation of nutrition

Plan a therapeutic diet for a patient suffering with Diabetes mellitus
Define malnutrition. Explain the various methods of nutritional assessment

What are the fat soluble vitamins. Discuss the sources, functions and deficiency of vit A and vit D

Define dietetics. Explain the dietary management of hypertension
Discuss the importance of nutrition education. Explain the role of a nurse in nutrition education
Discuss in detail the importance of nutrition in health

Discuss the balanced diet and dietary requirements for adolescent girls
Explain in detail the guidelines in planning diet to meet the nutritional needs of an elderly person

Discuss on various deficiency diseases and methods to prevent them

Explain in detail the methods of nutrition education in the community and hospital

Mention the nutritional problems in India. Discuss the current National nutritional programmes in detail.
Explain the methods of meeting the nutritional needs of a pregnant women

Define nutrition and classify the foods. Discuss the factors to be considered in planning diet for diabetes mellitus

What are composition of protein. List the sources, functions and mention the effect of deficiency of protein

Describe the therapeutic diet in diabetes mellitus

Explain the nutritional requirements in feeding normal infants

List the methods of nutrition education and explain the role of nurse in nutrition education

Describe the nutritional needs of the elderly

Nutritional needs of the older people
Therapeutic diet

Feeding of premature infants

Deficiency diseases

ICDS programme
Write the functions, requirements and deficiency of vitamin –D

Protein energy malnutrition
Food adulteration and its prevention

Describe the factors to be considered in menu planning
Explain the process of introducing supplementary feeding in infants

Describe the nutritional management of Kwashiorkar and Marasmus
Explain the National Nutritional Anemia Control Program

Balanced diet for elderly
Supplementary feeding and weaning

Food standards
Nutritional status assessment

Growth chart
Pasteurization of milk

Breast feeding and weaning
Integrated Child Development Scheme

Discuss the routine hospital diets
Food hygiene and its effects

Planning for a balanced diet
Micro and macro nutrients

Growth chart

Complementary feeding

Diet in post-operative care
Principles of nutrition

Diet for a sick child
Methods of assessing nutritional status of a child below 5 years

High calorie diet
Methods of cooking

Factors affecting meal planning
Functions of protein

Milk hygiene
Preservation of food

Functions of carbohydrate

Composition of breast milk and cow milk
Therapeutic diet for the hepatic disorders

Prevention of nutritional anemia
Methods of nutritional education for community

Methods of preservation of food
Advantages of school lunch programme

Vitamin A deficiency
Therapeutic diet for renal disorders

Methods of cooking
Preparation of weaning diet

Problems in feeding the infant
Nutritional needs of elderly people

Protein energy malnutrition
Supplementary feeding

Dietary need of patients with fever
Food preservation and preservation

Advantage of school lunch programme
Feeding of premature infants

Vitamin K – sources, uses and requirements


List the methods of food preservation
Define Bitot’s Spots

Define pasteurization
List any 4 current nutritional problems in india

List the direct methods of assessing nutritional status  

Energy yielding food
Substitute for non-vegetarian foods

Advantages of school lunch programme
Calorie requirement for a lactating mother


Food hygiene

Dietary sources of calcium
Define food hygiene

List the macronutrients
Enumerate 4 signs of vitamin D deficiency

List any 4 methods of nutrition education
List the advantages of School Lunch Program

Micronutrients and macronutrients
Food additives


Whey water

Basal metabolic rate

Dietary sources of calcium

Dietary needs of a pregnant woman

Nutrition education
Supplementary feeding

Food poisoning


Vitamin K

Nutritive values of milk
Low cost nutritious food

Food hygiene

Substitutes for non vegetarian foods
Food adulteration


Balanced diet


Sources of Iron

Calorie requirements of toddler, preschooler and school age
Iodine deficiency disorders

Low cost protein rich food

Protein requirements for infants

Rich dietary sources of calcium
Niacin deficiency

Exclusive breastfeeding
Vitamin A prophylaxis

Under nutrition
Balanced diet

Over weight
Preservation of nutrition

Balanced diet

Iron rich vegetarian food
Energy requirements in lactation period

Essential amino acids
Dietary sources of calcium

Define grilling, poaching, grating and kneeding
Nutritional needs of preschoolers

Constituents of vitamin B complex
Methods of nutritional education