Singapore for Staff Nurse Jobs

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Staff nurse jobs is excellent because you have good chance to earn sufficient money for future and get citizenship of Singapore. If you became citizenship of Singapore, you can bring your family member to settle in Singapore.

How to Apply for Singapore Staff Nurse Jobs?

You need to look up the advertisement in newspapers regarding announcement of staff nurse jobs in Singapore. Mostly, agents will call for staff nurse position, so you need to collect the details of agents like address and phone number. After collecting contact details send them your resume and found out when interview will be held.

Once you selected for interview, they will conduct several test such as screening written test, oral interview and finally SNB license exam. After you clear these test, they will give offer letter to join in the hospital in Singapore.

SNB License Exam

SNB is Singapore Nursing Board Exam conducted by Singapore Nursing Council, this council need to approve to work in Singapore. Once you clear the exam, you can get registered as nurse in Singapore Nursing Council and start your journey as nurse in Singapore. If you have SNB license, you have good change to migrate other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and United Kingdom.

 Work Pass and Visa Processing

Selected candidates will be informed through email and you need to start the process of going to Singapore. Mostly, exam results will take 15 days to One month to announce the selected candidates. After you pass in the exam, you can apply work pass in Singapore. This work pass is most needed because whoever works in Singapore need to have work pass otherwise you will be sending out of Singapore country.

After Work Pass is over, you can apply visa to work in Singapore. Visa process will take nearly one to two months. During visa processing, they check your original certificates and make sure that you passed the nursing course and you have valid experience certificates. After these verifications, you will give visa for few years to work in Singapore.

Once visa application is over, you need to get ready to travel to Singapore.  Mostly, you get ready with money for Airfare, agent commission and living expenses for one month.

If you interested to go Singapore for work, its takes nearly 3 to 4 months for this procedure. You need to plan well for the trip to Singapore, for example, you need to have sufficient money to process this application, you need to have maximum of 2 to 2.5 Lakhs to arrange for work in Singapore.

All the best for future nurses to work in Singapore.

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